•   Dynamic World
  •   Dynamically generated dungeons
  •   Diverse landscapes and locations
  •   Interesting quests and characters
  •   Intense Combat
  •   Physics-driven melee and ranged combat
  •   Utilize a wide variety of fighting techniques
  •   Kick enemies into traps and abysses
  •   Character Building
  •   Extensive and exciting skill tree
  •   Four different subclasses, from rogue to barbarian
  •   Hundreds of items to equip and improve your character

What the community says

Damn... if all levels end being like this I think I wouldn't play because I would want to explore THE WHOLE WORLD. INSANE!



This is incredibly better than all other famous developers. I love how you take time to implement small ideas in-game level designs. Keep doing what you're doing. It looks very immersive.

Vieille Garde

Youtube Subscriber

This project looks super ambitious! :O But I am really impressed with how it's all coming together. Well done!

Amalie Kae

YouTube Subscriber

I love your dedication to this project man, keep it up.

Man Child

YouTube Subscriber

This is insane! The level design is so detailed. I couldn't even imagine making a game in 3d within a year.


Indie Game Developer

Your graphics are so beautiful! I wish I can do something like it.


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