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Raidborn is a first-person action-RPG. Experience a refreshing blend of popular features and let yourself be swept away into a captivating and atmospheric adventure. Explore dynamically generated levels, hurl yourself into brutal combat, experiment with numerous exciting skills, and satisfy your insatiable greed for loot and wealth.

Genre Meter
  Experience Ferocious Combat

Hurl yourself into ferocious, unrelenting combat, face epic boss enemies, and experience uniquely impactful weapons handling. Master a variety of exciting combat techniques and choose from a diverse arsenal of melee and ranged weapons to crush the hordes of evil.

  Explore an Immersive World

Satisfy your thirst for adventure and become captivated by a detailed and atmospheric fantasy world. Each playthrough provides you with new unique and dynamically generated levels and quests to explore. Satisfy your hunger for loot and plunder the treasure-strewn world of Runia.

Build Your Character

Choose from a variety of exciting skills, to create your own class and to customize your character to your playing style. Choose your destiny and become an agile swordmaster, ferocious barbarian, armored knight, or cunning rogue. Upgrade your player home, choose an animal companion, and equip yourself with a variety of weapons, shields, and armors.

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I read all comments and always try to implement community requests that I think fit into the game.

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There is a Loot Drop at the end of every Raidborn Devlog where you can receive Honor Crowns to spend in the shop.


How many people work on Raidborn?

Raidborn is solely developed by Markus Failer, an indie game developer from Germany. Of course, credit also goes to the fantastic community of Phodex Games, who have helped to shape the game.

When will Raidborn be released?

There is no officially announced release date yet. The game is currently in beta and the Early Access release is planned for late 2022/early 2023. However, this is subject to change and is only a rough estimate.

How does the reward shop work?

The Raidborn shop allows you to unlock exclusive items and goodies you can use directly, or activate in the game when it gets released. To unlock an item you need to have a Raidborn account and enough Honor Crowns. They are a 100% free community currency that can only be earned by activation codes and links. Those can be found at the end of every Devlog, in emails I send you and in other places I share content.

What are Honor Crowns?

Honor Crowns are a community currency that can only be earned by activating special codes. They can be used in the Raidborn Shop to unlock exclusive items for Raidborn and even free games.

How to earn Honor Crowns?

Activation codes can be found at the end of every Devlog, in emails I send you and in other places I share content.