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RAIDBORN is a straightforward first-person fantasy action RPG.

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  •   Dynamic World
  •   Highly-detailed levels that tell a story
  •   Interesting quests and bizarre characters
  •   Epic fantasy score
  •   Voice acting in key dialogues
  •   Intense Combat
  •   Fight six different species
  •   Enemy classes with distinct fighting styles
  •   Active ragdolls for great weapon feedback
  •   Kick enemies into traps and abysses
  •   Exciting Skills
  •   Open skill system for maximum freedom
  •   Mix and match four different subclasses
  •   Hundreds of unique items to equip
  •   Find and use legendary artifacts

Community Reactions

Damn... if all levels end being like this I think I wouldn't play because I would want to explore the whole world. Insane!



This is incredibly better than all other famous developers. I love how you take time to implement small ideas in-game level designs. Keep doing what you're doing. It looks very immersive.


Youtube Subscriber

This project looks super ambitious! :O But I am really impressed with how it's all coming together. Well done!

 Amalie Kae

Game Developer

I found this game by selecting similar titles to dark messiah. Love the game and I have sort of same feeling while playing this one.

b. kondeja


This is insane! The level design is so detailed.


Game Developer

It's skyrim without the copy/paste open world between the dungeons and I love it.

the walk one