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Raidborn is a first-person fantasy action RPG featuring highly detailed procedurally generated dungeons and quests. Plunder a treasure-strewn world, upgrade your gear, level up your skills, and hurl yourself into intense unrelenting combat.


Since its founding in 2016 indie game developer and founder of Phodex Games, Markus Failer, has been intensively working on creating first-person fantasy adventures. In June 2018, Phodex Games released Bladequest: The First Chapter, an early prototype of Raidborn that was later released as a standalone game under the name Bladequest. Since then, Phodex Games has been steadily working on the completion of Raidborn, their largest and most ambitious project to date.

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Fact sheet

Phodex Games is a one-man game development studio and very passionate about creating indie games. While everyone claims to be innovative and unique, we believe in preserving proven design philosophies, that have been created and brought to perfection by the great developers of our time.

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Raidborn is a first-person Dungeon Crawler unlike any other!

Ever wondered what Skyrim would be like with a dynamically generated world? Raidborn aims to answer that question. A low poly first-person dungeon crawler, Raidborn is an indie game that takes the best parts of open-world RPGs and places them in a world filled with thrilling combat and ever-changing content. Build your character from a vast selection of weapons, armor, and skills, charge head-first into intense battles against fierce enemies and epic bosses and experience a whole new adventure in a world filled with surprises.

Right from its press release, it’s evident that Raidborn is a labor of love, borne from a passion for open-world RPGs the likes of The Elder Scrolls and Might & Magic. Developer Phodex Games states the game includes a “refreshing blend of popular features” from the titles that inspired it. This naturally means we can expect to be doing lots of mountain climbing, valley trekking, cave spelunking, and castle sneaking as we explore the nooks and crannies of Raidborn’s fantasy setting, the land of Runia.

Our RPG fantasy romp, of course, won’t be all picnics and sightseeing. The world of Runia will surely contain an assortment of baddies, evil-doers, and bosses. That means weapons will need to be swung about. Raidborn has “sophisticated ragdoll physics”, as described by Phodex, which should enable you to deliver blows that are both, weighty and impactful. Coupling that with a vast set of exciting combat techniques to master promises to be a challenging, but satisfying experience. RPGs typically let you swing your weapons about and let the numbers do the sorting of who lives and who dies. Raidborn sounds like it’ll allow for more than just a few simple clicks to get the optimum damage to slay our foes.

Since Raidborn is a dungeon crawler at heart, there’ll be plenty of slaying to do which, naturally, will lead to mountains of loot to collect and sort through. The exact phrasing the indie dev is using here is “more loot than you can carry” and all we have to say in return is “bring it on”. With its diverse arsenal of melee and ranged weapons as well as accompanying skills, our immediate gut reaction is that Raidborn will give us plenty of room for build experimentation. Indeed, Phodex reassures us that we can build our characters’ playstyles into anything we desire, from ferocious and mighty barbarians to devious and agile rogues, and everything in between.

Raidborn’s world is described as comprising of “dynamically generated levels”. In a nutshell, this implies that Runia’s quests and areas will change from one playthrough to the next. Whether this is procedurally generated or will be the result of our own actions as bright-eyed adventurers remains to be seen. What we do know is that fans of first-person open-world RPGs like Skyrim love their multiple playthroughs. Having each new save be an entirely new adventure is a godsend for this. While Runia and its denizens may all be rendered in low poly graphics, that doesn’t mean Raidborn is lacking in atmosphere. Through a combination of lighting, music, and a dark story, the world of Raidborn looks and feels as dangerous as you’d expect from a game of its caliber.

Upstart indie developer Phodex is no stranger to creating epic adventures. In 2018, they released Bladequest which was originally intended to be Raidborn’s prototype. In the end, however, Bladequest was fleshed out as its own game, serving as a springboard towards the team’s most ambitious project yet. Through their passion for dungeon crawlers and their dedication to cultivating a vibrant community of like-minded gamers, Phodex is shaping Raidborn to be more than just a game; they’re turning it into a collaborative effort with their fans. Through various channels, including social media and their own website, Phodex is using player feedback and suggestions as a way to make Raidborn a true community effort and the fans love it.


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